White House in Orbit

by Reinder Dijkhuis and Geir Strøm

From the boudoirs of X8.5 and Jane *

X8.5 taking an after-hours poke in his Arabian-nights style bedroomNo spy serial is complete without a peek into the bedrooms of the spies. What do they sleep in? What do they wear at night? Who are they with and what kind of state secrets are leaked to them? Of course, all this information is classified, and to get to it you have to get clearance from 6 different levels of bureaucrat-bots. But thanks to the valiant efforts of master photographer Lena Stiefeldraht, we have been able to lift the veil on X8.5's boudoir circumstances, at any rate.

As Miss Stiefeldraht herself commented: "Ach, dot torso. Zose blue eyes, dot marfellous blond hair. How I vish I had 2000 of him to line up in a parade. Dot vould be a triumph"

More cheesecake, beefcake and bishonen-cake:

A futuro-nostalgic seaside postcard specialLace 2001 is one of two Keenspace-based cheesecake events for the year 2001. As you've guessed, the theme is "the boudoir", and Miss Stiefeldraht's classic picture is WHIO's contribution to it.
A futuro-nostalgic seaside postcard specialAs part of the webcomics Swimsuit event Babewatch, Jane and X8.5 have sent us a picture postcard from their favourite beach resort, the Algol 215 Playadrome.
Sanity check! Swimsuits were unknown in the 11th century!

As a form of entertainment, the swimsuit special was unknown in the Middle Ages, and one attempt by the Clwydian monk Reinaldus Groninganus to introduce it flopped as a result of puzzlement on the part of his subjects. Here's why.

*) Jane's is forthcoming

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