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Marauders of Mars


Target: The Emperor




Orbital Germans

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Communists from Outer Space

Mysteries of Egypt


"Orbital Germans" (3022 - originally titled "Nefarious Scheme of the Dastardly Orbital Germans") was the first of the "Jane" films. Planned as a one-off and produced on a shoestring budget by OrbitFilms in 3022, it became a surprise hit and laid the foundations for the longest-running series of silent movies between 3020 and 3045. A total of 28 movies was produced before the francise ended ingloriously with the abysmal flop "Jane and the Attack of the Living Dead Recycled Orbital German Vampire Zombies III" in 3044 (Vampi Nurmi, 30 years too old for the role and at the nadir of her career, played Jane. Evert D. Woodhouse jr.  directed.)
Example shot from Marauders of Mars, prior to restoration

Long forgotten, this glorious series of silent movies has only lately been rediscovered after enthusiasts started re-publishing the old novels and  comics based on the series (see the "White House in Orbit" hyperweb site). As researchers were soon to discover, although occasionally funny those aged comics reflected little or nothing of the original movies superior acting and breathtaking plots. It's thanks to these early fans that these treasures of the second age of silent movies now at last are being restored and made available in 3DVD. It was no easy task, which the picture above (from "Marauders of Mars", prior to restoration) shows. 

As the movies becomes available, we will add background information to each release. Call back often for more on the star of silence - the enigmatic, the alluring, the one and only