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Production data:

Produced by:
Berliner Grossfilm, 3029

Josef von Struppen


Magda Darlich

John Schwarzenmüller

Sarah Schwan

Sergeant Brute:

General von Truppen-Blitzen:
Sinclair McAistair

Colonel von Gerade-Aus:
Rob Williams

Colonell von Vollschlacht:
Stephen Prince

Ching Ling:
Peter Wastinov


President Theordore Samuel Perkins as Himself

Engel-imFlucht movie-poster"Engel-im-Flucht", aka "Der Fliegende Engel" (Berliner Grossfilm, 3029) was von Struppen's second "Jane" film (after "Marauders of Mars"), and by far the most emotionally mature. Destined to become a classic and an icon of The Roaring Twenties, the film is notable for starkly displaying the degenerated permissiveness of the post OW1 Wienerschnitzel republic. In the long night-club sequence German officers freely employ the 2nd personal pronoun singular,  a full colonel is seen taking orange juice with his Eisbein und Sauerkraut  and - even more shockingly -  general von Truppen-Blitzen uses WHITE socks with this tuxedo.

After the financial success of "Marauders", von Struppen had ample means at his disposal. He bought into the "Jane" franchise, moved production to his home asteroid and spent a small fortune on a failed attempt at reconstructing classic actress Marlene Dietrich from partial DNA strands. The resulting clone later appeared in von Struppen's notorious "Bride of Frankenstein" remake. However, the director divined that personal chemistry between Marlene II and John Schwarzenmüller (X8.5) was not quite right when Schwarzenmüller failed to show up for a photo session and was later discovered hiding in a cupboard with a magnum bottle of bourbon. After considering several well-known actresses von Struppen finally decided to cast a complete unknown, his countrywoman Magda Darlich, in the role. Darlich proved the ideal choice. Nobody who have seen her mime "Lily Marlen" will ever forget the immensely expressive angle of her top hat.  

Engel-im-Flucht autograph-cardAlthough most famous for it's psychological depth and emotional breadth (the soul-wrenching goodbye-scene between X8.5 and Jane when she goes to join the army comes to mind), it was in fact one of the most action filled movies of the series, and the only one developing  a classic spy plot to such degrees. An unprecedented string of highly paid movie personalities appeared in supporting roles. Fans were delighted to see the re-appearance of Peter Wastinof in his signature role as free-lance torturer Ching Ling. Method actor W23417-81XL had his brain transferred into a two-ton titanium military robot for his stunning appearance as Sergeant Brute in the extremely realistic boot camp sequence. Nearly suffering terminal overload following the upload of advanced harassment subroutines, hardwired drill movement patterns and 500 GB verbal abuse data, he nonetheless described his work with von Struppen as "an exhilerating feeling of raw power beyond anything I've experienced on the stage".

Premiering on the Euro-trajectory in 3030, the public's initial response  was promising. The many cliff-hangers (such as the prison escape and the protracted herring dinner) had the audience at the edge of their seats. Darlich was catapulted to stardom. But regrettably, the fact that the actors mimed in German sat poorly with the Orbital United States audience. The all-important OUS market failed and von Struppen went bankrupt. "Engel" was to be his last involvement with the "Jane" series.

Marauders of Mars

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